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Online shopping, caution necessary!

Science is fast approaching growth. It is said that the fourth industrial revolution is about to take place in the world. Soon a machine will be developed that will do everything in human life. In fact, many such inventions have taken the place of human beings. Because of this, many jobs will be easy and at low cost, but on the other hand many people may be unemployed. The trend of online shopping is growing very fast. In 1979, the concept of tele-shopping was first introduced by a man named Michael Elder Rich. According to a recent survey on online shopping, South Korea is the only country in Asia with the highest online shopping rate of 59%. 35% of South Asian consumers spend 11% of their revenue on online shopping, while online shopping accounts for 27% worldwide.

What Are The Dangers Of Online Shopping?

According to the report, the online shopping business in Pakistan is growing rapidly and the young segment gives priority to online shopping which has increased the annual shopping volume in Pakistan by more than Rs 3 billion. The special analysis included in the annual report of the State Bank of Pakistan states that the sales volume of local and international e-commerce merchants was 20.7 billion rupees in FY 2016-17, which increased to 40.1 billion rupees in 2017-18. According to official data, e-commerce volumes increased by 94%, this was done through credit and debit cards, interbank fund transfer facility, prepaid cards and mobile vaults, while cash receipts for goods received. Not included in the volume.

Is it safe to buy things online on your phone?

According to market estimates, 80 to 90% of goods paid in world through e-commerce. No. On receipt of the goods (cash on delivery), the total volume of e-commerce has increased to Rs 99.3 billion in the financial year 2017-18 if the value of the action on delivery is included. According to the report, e-commerce is expected to reach Rs 158 billion in the financial year 2019-20. Pakistan is ranked 120th in the list of 144 countries in the list compiled by the UN Conference on Trade Development (UNCTAD) Business to Customer E-Commerce Readiness Index 2017. China ranks 65th, Sri Lanka 73rd, Vietnam 74, India 83, Philippines 96, Bangladesh 103 and Nepal 108th.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

According to the Central Bank report, revenue growth and the growth of communication links. Internet access and online banking is the main reason for the increase in the number of e-commerce users in Pakistan. According to estimates by the United Nations Agency for Information and Communications in this regard, 440 million active users using the Internet. Of these, the number of Internet shoppers is 22%. That was only 2% 4 years ago. And then according to Kepios (consultancy firm CapaS) data, the number of active social media activists in Pakistan is more than 300 million. Thanks to the advanced technology internet, shopping is a lifelong task of relaxing at home. Internet shopping is called e or online shopping. People who are online shopping can easily view whatever item they want to purchase on the Internet for ease of shopping and avoid shopping hassles, and find something they like. Orders can easily be ordered at home.

Advantages of Online Shopping

Online shopping has led to many hassles of traveling to cities – not going to the market because of busyness. All of these accessories for life are available on shopping websites on the Internet. One benefit of this is that it is not difficult to get round the clock 24 hours a day. The IT sector is developing. Well, the awareness about the trend of online shopping is also increasing. People are starting to trust the online order. Now the internet has come to the villages too. People from villages and remote areas visit major cities for shopping every month and on weddings. But now with access to the internet, villagers can also find branded products at home.

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