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How To Speed Up The Computer For Marketing Purpose?

We always want our computer to perform better. During the work we did not see any error on it and the speed got better. But for all this you have to take care of your computer. Now the question arises how to take care of the computer? Here are some ways to improve your computer performance:

  1. You may not even know what it means to rearrange or “defrag” a hard disk, but it may be surprising to you how important this process is for the maintenance of your computer. ‘Defragmentation’ speeds up your computer’s ability to work by integrating data scattered across your computer, in which way files are stored on the computer, making modern hard disks slow. As files are saved or deleted on a hard disk, all this data is stored on different parts of the hard disk rather than stored together, causing access to the files slowly. Configuring these pieces of information scattered on the disk not only increases the available space in memory but also makes it easier to access the information. And it’s not difficult at all. There are programs that can help with Defrag 3 Smart (Windows 8.1) or iDefrag (for Apple OS X).
  2. Delete unnecessary files nowadays less than 200 GB hard disk is filled very easily. And as it is recruited it also affects its ability to function. Your computer may have many outdated files that you no longer use, and those files may have occupied your computer. There are several programs available for PC and Mac computers in the market. Programs like Space Sniffer or WinDirStat for PCs can tell you which files occupy the most space on the hard disk. This is even easier if you are using OS X on a Mac. The Finder Search feature can be used for this. It can show you everything in your Mac, including applications, programs, hard disks, files, folders, and DVD drives. It lets you rearrange your files and folders, view all the contents of your Mac, and delete whatever you like.
  3. Automatically select programs this is the most effective way to speed up the computer, especially how fast the computer starts. It is possible to see which programs are currently running on your computer and you can turn them off if you want. This can be done through Activity Monitor in OS X and Task Manager in Windows. If you have a Mac, go to System Preferences, select Users and Groups, and close the program you want to close. If you use a PC, you can use Autoruns, a free tool available to control automated programs.
  4. Eliminating viruses and harmful programs Some people think they can spend without anti-virus software, and justify that it costs too much memory and impairs working ability, especially. On older PC computers. But for those who are not computer experts, it is better to use anti-virus software instead of regretting it later. You can choose anti-virus software according to your computer’s features. There are numerous antivirus software available that spend very little memory and processing power, including Microsoft Security Essentials, Panda Cloud and Avira. Although the idea has spread widely that Mac viruses do not affect viruses, you need to pay attention to this if your appeal is slower than usual. In this case you can use Avast or Sophos Anti-Virus available for free.
  5. Use web applications, what you need to install and use Office when you find everything you want with applications like Google Docs, Adobe’s Buzzword or Zoho or Peepel. Nowadays web applications that work within the browser can take any kind of work.


There are two advantages: they are not heavy to run and do not affect the hard disk. If after all these five steps your computer does not show up to start up, you may need to consider contacting a technician or buying a new computer.

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