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How to protect your computer from viruses while doing Business Online

Good antivirus software is a great source of protection against infected software. Which could otherwise cause disruption to your system, data and personal life. Unfortunately finding a solution that can “almost protect” all kinds of attacks and get your way out of everything you do without burdening your system is almost impossible. Yes there are some solid options but this column is about your implementation, without relying on anti-virus or just the firewall.

How will you safely use the computer when you doing business on other website

In fact, you should never rely on antivirus to protect your system. This software helps you like a crutch, but it can’t be a substitute for general information and good exercises like using the Internet. Without antivirus software, here are some useful tips to protect your computer from viruses.

Secure Email Practice:

E-mail is a great way to communicate between you and others, as well as a great way for a programmer to distribute malicious code among many people for their own purposes. ۔ In the past it was easy to send viable files via email, which affected people’s systems with just one click. While some such files are still found, which are wrapped in data or compressed files, they are pushing the virus forward in very efficient ways.

If a friend of yours has been affected by this, he or she may, in ignorance, send an e-mail with a link to someone who has a very interesting article and indicates that he or she has received this link The site has found something very interesting, clicking this link will open up a page that will take advantage of your browser’s security flaws or ask you to put in special software so that the components Can be seen.

How can you Protect Computer Data

The best practice of thumbnails is that attachments sent via e-mails cannot be opened until the sender tells you by another means that he has sent the file. The same procedure applies to others who spread a link.

Keep your operating system up-to-date:

Both Microsoft and Apple regularly update their operating systems to fix bugs, fix up sets and fix bugs detected. Failure to regularly update your operating system can open the door for many possible attacks as hackers continue to detect entrances to your system.

Apple may boast that OS X has no viruses and no serious issues, but the truth is that security measures taken by its unknown sources are limited. Security breaches have been discovered in the past and still in OS ten, and Apple shows a certain amount of speed to correct them. Often these errors are also found in third-party software running the system. Make sure the software is regularly updated and do not decline or delay it whenever an alert is received. The few minutes that will be needed to keep this process going will save you from a lengthy debate later.

Don’t visit sites you don’t trust:

This proposal is the most difficult to implement, in fact, it is impossible for you to know everywhere on the web. Most of these sites are very good and helpful. But certain types of sites, as a snare, are being used to engage unsuspecting users, thus putting malicious software on their systems. These sites typically find stolen components or software, as well as false promises that are ready to do anything for you. Your general understanding informs you that nothing is possible.


Downloading spyware or antivirus is also a common cause for a pop-up stating that it has detected something on your computer. Software should only be downloaded from recommended sites that are trusted. Many times I can tell a call from a person that was getting a virus started like, ‘My brother inserted a spyware remover and he figured out all these bad things.’

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